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Karen Sandene

An Omaha native, Karen Sandene is an active performer in the Omaha/Lincoln classical music community, playing bassoon and contrabassoon with the Omaha and Lincoln Symphony Orchestras, the Abendmusik Orchestra and the Nebraska Symphony Chamber Orchestra. She also free-lances with other area musical organizations.


Karen is a long-time music educator, currently teaching instrumental music in several Title I schools in Lincoln, NE.  


Karen has led in the creation of several chamber music groups, including the Third Chair Chamber Players and the New Music Agency (an ensemble devoted to the performance of contemporary music). She also performed on the inaugural season of "Omaha Under the Radar", a contemporary musical festival in Omaha, NE. Karen is the co-founder of Bassoons Across Nebraska, an organization created to highlight and promote the bassoon to audiences throughout the state. 


"I love performing with Bassoons Across Nebraska! Working closely with these supremely talented musicians is humbling, and through our work together, we are strengthening the unity and musicianship in the Omaha and 
Lincoln Symphonies."
- Karen Sandene

Karen is active in the American Federation of Musicians, serving on the board of Local 463 in Lincoln, and holding the title of Secretary for the Regional Orchestra Players’ Association, an organization serving eighty-five member orchestras from across the nation.

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