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Bassoons Across Nebraska are bassoonists representing the bassoon sections in the Omaha and Lincoln Symphonies, who seek to raise "Bassoon Awareness" throughout the state and elsewhere. The Bassoons usually perform as a quartet, but also often perform a duo or trio. Members of Bassoons Across Nebraska have been performing locally and state-wide for over 30 years. The Bassoons are:


Karen Sandene

Second Bassoonist, Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra

Contrabassoonist, Omaha Symphony


Jim Compton

Principal Bassoon, Omaha Symphony

Adjunct Bassoon Instructor, University of Nebraska, Omaha


Joyce Besch

Contrabassoonist, Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra​


Nick Nelson

Assistant Principal Bassoon, Omaha Symphony​

Jeff McCray (past member)

Principal Bassoon, Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra

Associate Professor of Bassoon, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Wenmin Zhang (past member)

Former Assistant Principal Bassoon, Omaha Symphony


Read more about each of the performers on their individual pages in the drop-down menu.





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